To sell a property

Get a real estate estimate in Le Mans

You plan to buy or sell a property, remember to have it estimated. This step is essential, as it makes it possible to specify the value of the property according to its characteristics and the market. To carry out this exercise, we base ourselves on several criteria: The specificities of the property (the orientation, the living area, the configuration of the living space, the number of rooms, the nature of the facilities, etc.); Geographic location.

The environment significantly influences the value of a property. Thus, from one neighborhood to another, two strictly identical properties can have a different value. This can be explained by the presence of leisure infrastructure, public transport or by the proximity of shops, schools or hospitals.

As much as certain elements positively influence the price of your property (presence of a terrace, a swimming pool, a pergola), as many defects are likely to lead to a discount. Taking all these factors into account guarantees realistic prices, in line with real estate market trends.

In short, the real estate valuation is a tool through which we manage to determine both the strengths and weaknesses of the properties. This makes it easier to formulate a relevant and attractive offer.

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